learning laboratory. He
contributed four chap-
ters to A Textbook of
Motor Development.
He was promoted to
Associate Professor in
1974 and to Professor
in 1980. In 1975 he
was appointed De-
partment chairman.
paul m. ribisl (B.S., Pittsburgh; M.A., Kent
State; Ph.D., Illinois) came to Wake Forest as an
Associate Professor in 1973, having taught at
Kent State University. He was promoted to Pro-
fessor in 1980. His scholarly background was in
exercise physiology, and in 1975 he became
director of the newly established Cardiac Reha-
bilitation Program, conducted jointly by the
Department and the Bowman Gray School of
Medicine.4 This program, made possible by
grants from the American Heart Association,
served as an outpa-
tient rehabilitation
program for men and
women from Winston-
Salem and Forsyth
County. By 1983 ap-
proximately one hun-
dred and fifty patients
were enrolled. Ribisl
also wrote a manual, Evaluation of Physical Fit-
ness and Guidelines for Exercise Prescriptions.
(See page 201.)
Two new faculty members joined the Department
in 1978: Assistant Professor Walter J. “Jack”
rejeskiJr.(B.S., Norwich; M.A., Ph.D., Connecti-
cut) and Instructor donaldb.bergey(B.S., M.A.,
Wake Forest). Rejeski’s primary responsibility
was to develop the area of sports psychology;
Bergey was assigned to the Cardiac Rehabilita-
tion Program. Rejeski was promoted to Associ-
ate Professor in 1983.
Henry S. Miller, Jr. (B.S., 1951: M.D., 1954), Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) at the School of Medicine,
was the medical director of the Program and collaborated with Ribisl in building a program that attracted
wide and enthusiastic attention and support. It was designed as a “multiple-intervention program… to
assist individuals in making a full recovery from a cardiovascular event such as a myocardial infection,
angina pectoris and cardiac surgery.” It addressed four areas of lifestyle: physical activity, nutritional
habits, life stress management, and smoking behavior.
The Department of Physical Education in 1982–1983
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