| the history of wake forest
stephen philip messier (B.S., M.S., Rhode
Island; Ph.D., Temple) was appointed Assistant
Professor in 1981. He taught anatomy and kine-
siology. He—as well as Hottinger, Ribisl, Rejeski,
and Bergey—was to remain with the University
in the years to come.
Many other men and women worked in the De-
partment between 1967 and 1983, some of them
not only teaching but also coaching for the Wake
Forest athletic program: glenna.dawson(1966–
1970, 1972–1973), larry r. gettman (1967–
1968), Keith e.hamilton(1966–1968), sandra
shockley (1964–1969), georgia looney
Jennings (Spring 1968), stephen e. Klesius
(1968–1969), harold c. rhea (1968–1975),
mary gwyn cage (1969–1971), John h.
clougherty (1969–1973), Visiting Professor
chester o. Jackson (Fall 1969), perry
lefeavers (1969–1970), martha J. stark
(1969–1971), robert l. case (1970–1973),
nora lynn finch (1971–1973), roberta
snapp Vest (1971–1974), stacy meyer Wil-
liams (1971–1974), William thomas boone
(1973–1981), george leslie burke (1973–1976),
neal f. earls (1973–1976), gail patricia Klock
(1973–1974), ruth s. fairfield (1974–1975),
sharron a. perkins (1974–1976), pamela ann
Wiegardt (1974–1977), gary edward adams
(1975–1978), deborah sue david (1975–1981),
J. William dellastatious (1975–1981), philip
John forbes (1976–1977) barbara Warren
(1976–1978), elizabeth bonner (1977–1978),
John l. hutslar (1977–1978), sarah d. hut-
slar (1977–1985), gail l. sailer (1977–1980),
gale m. chamblee (1978–1980), carol lynn
blount (Fall 1979), susan belinsky (1980–
1981), gary W. hall (1981–1984), rebecca
myers (1981– ), and Julie erickson ellis
(Spring 1983). Following Deborah David, who
had given a professional quality to the dance
program sponsored by the Department, Rebecca
Myers furthered the development of dance at
Wake Forest through the courses she taught, the
increasing number
of talented women
dancers who came to
the University, the
annual dance program
in the University thea-
tre, and visits to the
campus by some of the
country’s most re-
nowned dance groups.
The Department of
Physics experienced
remarkable stability
during the Scales
years. For almost half
of the sixteen years
there were no staff
changes at all.
From 1967 to 1974
the Department was
chaired by thomas J. turner (B.S., North Caro-
lina; M.S., Clemson; Ph.D., Virginia), who came
to Wake Forest in 1952 and who, in addition to
his responsibilities in the Department, was a
productive member of the College faculty, serv-
ing on many important committees. With Pro-
fessor Williams he did research on internal friction
in high purity lead and in lead doped with noble
metals. Turner, Williams, and Shields were the
first to bring in outside support for the research
and educational programs of the Department in
the department of physics
The History of the Department of Physics 1834–1983, written by George P. Williams, Jr., is available
in the University archives.
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