the form of continuing grants from the Atomic
Energy Commission, the National Science Foun-
dation, the Research Corporation, and other
sources. In 1978 Turner resigned from the fac-
ulty in order to become Vice President and Dean
of the University at Stetson University.
In 1974 Turner was
succeeded as chair-
man by george p.
“Jack” Williams
(B.S., Richmond; M.S.,
Ph.D., North Carolina).
Williams came to
Wake Forest in 1958
and was appointed
Professor of Physics in
1966. He studied defects in solids, employing
mechanical, electronic, magnetic, and optical
studies in his examination of crystalline materials.
howard W. shields
(B.S., North Carolina;
M.S., Pennsylvania
State; Ph.D., Duke)
also came to Wake
Forest in 1958 and
was promoted to the
rank of Professor in
1966. Much of his work
involved molecular physics, the magnetic proper-
ties of molecules, and irradiation damage.
ysbrandhaven(Candidate, Doctorandus, Doctor,
Groningen) came to the University from the
Netherlands in 1965 as Professor of Physics.
He had spent sixteen years in a Dutch research
laboratory. His main area of research was diffu-
sion and into the intrinsic properties of oxides.
He retired in 1983.
robert W. brehme (B.S., Roanoke; M.S., Ph.D.,
North Carolina) came to the Department in 1959
and was promoted to Professor in 1968. His focus
was on theoretical physics, particularly the
theory of relativity, and he was the co-author
of Introduction to the Theory of Relativity.
William c. Kerr (B.S., Wooster; Ph.D., Cornell)
joined the faculty in 1970 and was promoted to
Associate Professor in 1975 and to Professor in
1983. He did research in solid state physics and
taught courses in electromagnetism and quantum
mechanics. In 1976 he received the University’s
award for excellence in teaching. (See page 185.)
george eric “rick” matthews Jr. (B.S., Ph.D.,
North Carolina) came to Wake Forest as Assistant
Professor in 1979. He studied the role of defects
and impurities in solid state materials and
Eric Matthews, Kathy Brown (laboratory manager), William Kerr, Robert Brehme, George Williams, Ysbrand Haven,
Howard Shields
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