| the history of wake forest
advanced the role of computers and technology
in the educational and research missions of the
University. In 1982 he received the University’s
award for excellence in teaching. In 1983 he
became Associate Professor. (See page 281.)
Other teachers of physics during the years from
1967 to 1983 were rolf Woldseth (1967–1970),
William J. huff (1974–1975, 1976–1977), and
Ward a. riley (1978–1979).
Until 1970 the Department of Politics was called
the Department of Political Science. The change
in name to “Politics” was recommended by the
faculty and approved by the Trustees. At the time
Chairman C.H. Richards said that “political sci-
ence” suggested too exclusive a commitment
to the methodology of the “natural sciences,”
whereas the term “politics” also embraces
“the classical, traditional, and dynamic values
and objectives with which political experience
is related.”
claud henry “c.h.” richards Jr. (B.A., Texas
Christian; M.A., Ph.D., Duke) came to Wake
Forest in 1952 as a member of what was then the
Department of Social Sciences. That department,
in 1957, was divided into a Department of History
and a Department of Political Science. Richards
was appointed to the rank of Professor; he was
also named chairman of Political Science, and
he remained in that role until 1969.
Richards, for many years, taught all the
courses in the American field, with a concentra-
tion in constitutional law and the judicial process.
He retired from full-time teaching in 1982. In
his honor the Department had already estab-
lished an award to be given to the outstanding
graduating senior major in the Department, to
be presented annually during Commencement
the department of politics
I have depended upon a carefully written and thorough history of the Department prepared in 1983
by members of the Department. It is available in the University archives.
James Steintrager,Chairman; Jon Reinhardt; C.H. Richards Jr.; Richard Sears; David Broyles; Robert Utley; Don
Schoonmaker; Carl C. Moses (From The Howler of 1980)
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