| the history of wake forest
Professor from 1966 to 1969 and Associate
Professor from 1969 to 1973, made valuable
contributions to the Department during their
years at Wake Forest. Woodmansee resigned in
1980 to establish a construction business in
Winston-Salem, and Horowitz resigned in 1973
to enter private practice in Washington, D.C.
deborah l. best (B.A., M.A., Wake Forest;
Ph.D., North Carolina, Chapel Hill) taught as an
Instructor, either part-time or full-time, begin-
ning in 1972, and in 1979 she started what
proved to be a long-time career at Wake Forest.
She became Assistant Professor in 1981 and
Associate Professor in
1983. She did research
on race and color at-
titudes, and she was
the co-author, with
John Williams, of
Measuring Sex Ste-
reotypes: A Thirty-
Nation Study.
cecilia h. solano (B.A., Harvard; M.A., Ph.D.,
Johns Hopkins) was appointed Assistant Pro-
fessor in 1977. She did research on loneliness
and interpersonal attraction and was co-editor
of The Gifted and Creative: A Fifty-Year Per-
spective. She was promoted to Associate Pro-
fessor in 1983.
Other members of the Department between
1967 and 1983, some of them also associated
with the Center for Psychological Services, and
some of them part-time, were: barbara hills
(1962–1973), susan p. harbin (1966–1973),
John dalland (1967–1968), david a. travland
(1967–1969), ronald J. check (1968–1969),
John W. filler (1969–1970), peter d. bullard
(1971–1975), Judith l. homer (1971–1973),
david m. phillips (1971–1972), frank b. Wood
(1971–1983)2, John s. compere (1972–1974),
Jerome b. albert (1973–1974), rosemarie
anderson patty (1973–1977), toni falbo (1974–
1976), brian m. austin (1975– ), dorothy
Jean carter seeman (1976–1983), Kathryn
After 1975 Wood was Assistant Professor of Neurology (Neuropsychology) at the School of Medicine
and was head of the section on neuropsychology. He continued part-time in the Department of Psychol-
ogy and after 1980 was Adjunct Associate Professor.
(row 1) Maxine Clark, Marianne Schubert, Deborah Best, Cecilia Solano, Phillippe Falkenburg, (row 2) Robert Dufort,
Charles Richman, John Williams, Robert Beck, Jerry Burger, David Catron
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