a. adams (1976–1978), liane bidwell (1976–
1977), samuel richard pinneau, Jr. (1976–
1977), sam t. manoogian (1977–1982), david
a. stump (1977– ), Kathryn b. Williams
(1977–1979), c. drew edwards (1979– ), anne
In the fall of 1967 the Department of Religion
had nine full-time faculty members (four with
the rank of Professor, three Associate Professors,
and two Assistant Professors) and one part-time
Visiting Lecturer, Rabbi david hillel rose, who
taught courses in Judaism for the next five years.
Associate Professor dan o. Via, a New Testa-
ment scholar, resigned in 1968 to accept a posi-
tion at the University of Virginia. Assistant
Professor phyllis trible, an Old Testament
scholar, promoted to Associate Professor in
1968, resigned in 1971 to take an appointment
b. meinrath (1979–1980), mark h. meinrath
(1979–1980), Wayne m. sotile (1979–1980),
Jerry m. burger (1980– ), maxine l. clark
(1980– ), and catherine a. Jourdan (1981– ).
at Andover Newton Theological School. The
other seven members of the 1967 Department
continued their careers at Wake Forest.
george J. griffin (B.A., Wake Forest, Class of
1935; Th.B., Southern Baptist Theological Semi-
nary; B. D., Yale; Ph.D., Edinburgh) came to Wake
Forest in 1948, was promoted to Professor in
1957, and served as department chairman from
1962 to 1969. His specialty was in church history,
and he was the author of Right from the Begin-
ning: A History of Lawndale Baptist Church,
Greensboro, North Carolina. He retired in 1981.
Robert Dyer, William Angell, George Griffin, Phyllis Trible, Carlton Mitchell, Willard Hamrick
the department of religion
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