d’Etudes Françaises of the University of Dijon.
Robinson herself was director of the program in
the first year; thereafter, other members of the
Department were offered this opportunity.
In the fall of 1967 two other faculty members
besides Parcell were Professors of French: John
ernest parker Jr. (B.A., Wake Forest; A.M.,
Ph.D., Syracuse) and richard lee shoemaker
(B.A., Colgate; M.A., Syracuse; Ph.D., Virginia),
both of them at Wake Forest since 1950. Parker
taught courses in medieval and eighteenth-
century literature and on occasion (during the
January term or in the summer) accompanied
students to Switzerland for study and travel. He
was also a member of the Department of Educa-
tion. Shoemaker taught the literature of the
nineteenth century and was active in developing
library holdings in modern languages. He re-
tired in 1982.
Associate Professor annes.tillett(B.A., Carson-
Newman; M.A., Vanderbilt; Ph.D., Northwestern)
came to the Department in 1956. She was pro-
moted to Professor in 1975 and was Department
chairman from 1974 to 1978. Besides teaching
French, she had the distinction of being the first
Wake Forest professor to teach the Russian
language, a skill that she had furthered on trips
taken to the Soviet Union with her husband,
history professor Lowell Tillett, at a time when
relatively few American scholars were traveling
in Russia.
evamarierodtwitt(Cand. Philol., Oslo, Norway)
was with the French faculty for two years in
1966–1968, returned to Europe in 1968–1969,
and began her long continuing service with the
Department in 1969. She held the rank of Lec-
turer. She was a native of Norway and had
taught both in Norway and in France. At Wake
Forest she directed two French plays, and in
1978 she received the “Palmes academiques”
from the French government upon the estab-
lishment of a chapter of the Alliance Française
in Winston-Salem.
milorad “miki” margitic´ (M.A., Leiden, Nether-
lands; Ph.D., Wayne State) came to the Depart-
ment in 1978 as an Assistant Professor and was
Milorad Margitic, Candelas Newton (Gala), Sylvia Trelles, Bianca Artom, Gregorio Martin, Eva Rodtwitt, Shasta Bryant,
Mary Frances Robinson
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