| the history of wake forest
promoted to Associate Professor in 1980. He
specialized in the literature of the seventeenth
century, and he edited two of Pierre Corneille’s
plays: La Suivante and La Galerie du Palais. He
was also the author of Corneille Comique: Nine
Studies of Corneille’s Comedy.
byron r. Wells (B.A, M.A., Georgia; Ph.D.,
Columbia) joined the French faculty as Instruc-
tor in 1981, beginning a Wake Forest career that
would continue beyond the Scales years.
Also teaching French between 1967 and 1983
were: gail garrison mcneill (1966–1968, 1971–
1972, January 1981), hiram V. Jenkins (1966–
1969), Kaye shugart bourquin (1967–1972,
Spring 1974), louisa freeman (1968–1972),
Jeanne-henriette louis (1968–1969), isabelle
Jasson (1969–1970), arthurl.lytton-sells
(1970–1971), Jean-michel michelet (1970–
1971), Jean raoul Jules derrien (1971–1973),
miriam f. engelsohn (1972–1974), françoise
hansberger (1972–1977), gary richard
ljungquist (1972–1979), dominique plassard
(1973–1974), patrick Quarteaux (1974–1975),
suzanne c. Wixson (1974–1976), sandra f.
daniel (1975–1977), frances creighton
(1976–1981), Judith s. Knoop (1976–1978),
doranne fenoaltea (1977– ), sylvia trelles
(1977– ), ruth m. mésavage (1979–1981),
catherine-anne beaudry (1981–1983), and
candide carrasco (1981–1984).
In 1967 there were three Associate Professors
of Spanish in the Department of Romance Lan-
guages: harry lee King, Jr. (B.A., Richmond;
M.A., Ph.D., North Carolina), at Wake Forest
since 1960; ruth f. campbell (B.A., Woman’s
College, North Carolina; M.A., North Carolina;
Ph.D., Duke) here since 1962, and shasta m.
bryant (A.B., M.A., Ph.D., North Carolina), who
came to Wake Forest in 1966.
King, who became Professor of Spanish in
1969, was, until his retirement in 1981, the
senior Spanish teacher and, as such, had con-
tinuing supervisory responsibilities for De-
partment programs in that language. He
observed a growing tendency on the part of
college students to select Spanish as their re-
quired language: a trend which, in later years,
would become pronounced and widespread.
campbell was promoted to Professor in 1973
and retired the following year. In her honor the
Ruth Foster Campbell Award was established, to
be given annually to the student “whose ability
in the Spanish language and spirit of joyful in-
quiry into Spanish culture have been most out-
bryant, who became Professor of Spanish in
1975, was the author of The Spanish Ballad in
English, published in 1973. A second edition of
his A Selected Bibliography of Bibliographies &
Hispanic American Literature appeared in 1976.
Beginning in 1970, he also directed a study pro-
gram, located in Madrid, sponsored by the Associ-
ated Mid-Florida Colleges. When that program
ceased to function, in 1977, the Department
initiated its own Semester-in-Spain program,
located in Salamanca, and made available to
Wake Forest students every spring: a parallel
to the Dijon program for students of French.
No changes occurred on the permanent Spanish
staff until 1974, when Kathleen m. glenn
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