(B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Stanford) was appointed
Assistant Professor. She became Associate
Professor in 1976 and Professor in 1982, in
which year she was also named Department
chairman, the first Spanish professor to occupy
that position. She was the author of Azorin
(published in 1981), a study of the Spanish
writer (a pseudonym of José Martínez Ruiz).
gregorio c. martín (Diplome, Salamanca;
M.A., Ph.D., Pittsburgh) joined the Department
in 1976 and continued at Wake Forest for 10
years, first as Assistant Professor and, after
1979, as Associate Professor. He was editor of
Estudos Ibero-americanos and Crítica Hispánica
and received international attention for his
discovery of a manuscript by Lope de Vega.
In 1978 candelas m. newton [Candelas Gala]
(B.A., Salamanca, Spain; M.A., Ph.D., Pittsburgh)
came to the Department as Instructor in Span-
ish. She was promoted to Assistant Professor in
1980 and began a Wake Forest career that would
continue into succeeding administrations.
marcel e. delgado (B.A., Carson-Newman;
Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)
was Instructor in Spanish on both campuses
(beginning in 1947) and taught language courses
to Wake Forest students for more than two de-
cades. His personal attentiveness to them, in
and out of class, was to be gratefully remem-
bered. He died in 1969.
Other Spanish teachers during the Scales years
were: teddy J. Jensen (1967–1969), frances
day Wardlaw (1969–1971), bert bono carrillo
(Spring 1970, 1970–1971), antonio masò (1970–
1971), charles philip Johnson (1971–1976),
becky s. porterfield (1971–1973), frank h.
Whitchurch (1971–1981), miriam f. engelsohn
(1972–1974), Jennie lou robinson (1973–1975),
marco fidel parra (1974–1975), suzanne c.
Wixson (1974–1976), mary h. labarre thomas
(1975–1979), Judith s. Knoop (1976–1978),
sylvia trelles (1977– ), Julián bueno (1978–
1983), charlesV.ganelin(1980–1983), candide
carrasco (1981–1984), rubén l. gómez (1981–
1984), and david a. petreman (1981– ).
other languages
The Department of Romance Languages was
also the administrative home of several other
languages besides French and Spanish:
Russian, taught, as already indicated, by anne s.
tillett and (in 1973–1974) by Lecturer ludmilla
Jasenovic and (in the fall of 1977) by arleigh e.
hudspeth and (in the spring of 1982) by Instruc-
tor bonnie m. carey;
Hindi, taught occasionally by Professor of
History and Asian Studies balkrishnag.gokhale
or by Instructor beenab.gokhale (see page 79);
Chinese, taught, beginning in 1971, by linguis-
tics professor blanche c. speer; and
Italian, taught, beginning in 1975, by bianca
artom. In 1982 she received the University’s
annual award for excellence in teaching. [See
“Bianca Artom: una donna gentilissima,” an
interview by Emily Herring Wilson in The Wake
Forest Magazine, XXIX (August 1982), 30–35.]
(See page 90.)
Italian would
acquire increasing
importance in the
years ahead because
of the University’s
programs at Casa
Artom in Venice.
Anne Tillett and Bianca Artom
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