| the history of wake forest
years he was a Winston-Salem alderman, and in
1970 he was elected Mayor of the City of Winston-
Salem, a position that he held until 1977.2 (See
page 97.)
Associate Professor Julian c.burroughsJr.(B.A.,
Wake Forest; M.A., Ph.D., Michigan) joined the
Department in 1958. He taught courses in radio,
television, and film (his course, “Introduction
to Film,” a survey of motion pictures, was Wake
Forest’s first film course), and from 1958 to 1981
he was Director of Radio (WFDD-FM). He was
also producer/director of a number of radio
dramas and educational television programs.
He was promoted to Professor in 1970.
Assistant Professor harold c. tedford (B.A.,
Ouachita; M.A., Arkansas; Ph.D., Louisiana State),
came to Wake Forest in 1965. In that year he was
also appointed Director of the College Theatre.
Among the plays he directed were works of Shake-
speare (Macbeth and Hamlet), other classical
English plays (The Rivals and The Duchess of
Malfi), plays from the contemporary theatre
(Shaw, Williams, Stoppard, Brecht, and Pinter),
and musicals (Finian’s Rainbow and A Funny
Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum). He
was promoted to Associate Professor in 1969
and to Professor in 1980. (See page 191.)
donald h. Wolfe (B.S., M.S., Southern Illinois;
Ph.D., Cornell) came in 1968 as a second theatre
professor. He directed such plays as A Man for
All Seasons, The Three Sisters, The Threepenny
Opera, The Tempest, Hedda Gabler, Company,
and The Elephant Man. In 1974 he became As-
sociate Professor, and that same year he was
appointed to the Department chair.
merwyn a. hayes (B.S., Macalester; M.A.,
Oregon; Ph.D., Illinois) was appointed Assistant
Professor in 1967 and succeeded Shirley as
Director of Debate. He was promoted to Associ-
ate Professor in 1970 and remained with the
Department until 1974, when he resigned to
take a position in the Babcock School. He re-
mained on the Babcock faculty until 1976.
Professor david Welker (B.A., M.A., Illinois;
Ph.D., Minnesota) came to the Department in
See Russell Brantley’s article, “Franklin Shirley: Professor and Democrat,” in The Wake Forest
Magazine, XVI (January 1969), 18–21.
Franklin Shirley, Chairman; Harold Tedford; Julian Burroughs; Merwyn Hayes; David Welker; Lewis Goldstein; Don Wolfe
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