1969. He had been Professor of Speech and
Drama at Albion College in Michigan. At Wake
Forest he was Professor of Speech and Technical
Director of the Theatre. He was the author of
Theatrical Set Design: The Basic Techniques and
Stagecraft: A Handbook for Organization, Con-
struction, and Management. He retired in 1980.
In 1974 michael d. hazen (B.A., Seattle Pacific;
M.A., Wake Forest; Ph.D., Kansas) was appointed
Assistant Professor. He was co-editor of four
Debater’s Research Guides and, beginning in
1974, was Director of the National Debate Tour-
nament. In 1982 he was head of the American
Debate Delegation to the Soviet Union. He was
promoted to Associate Professor in 1980.
James dodding was appointed Lecturer in The-
atre for the 1979 spring semester and thereaf-
ter taught and directed plays at Wake Forest
every spring. During the other months of the
year he lived in London and in Garstang, Lan-
cashire. He held a Certificate from Birmingham
University and Diplomas from the Rose Bruford
College of Speech and Drama, where he was
later Lecturer, and the Theatre on the Balus-
trade in Prague. He was the author of several
books on mime and wrote and broadcast for the
BBC. At Wake Forest, between 1979 and 1983,
he directed Jumpers, Six Characters in Search of
an Author, The Passion, HMS Pinafore, and Guys
and Dolls. In 1983 he received the University’s
award for excellence in teaching. [See “A Herd
of Hippopotami,” by Anne Adkins, in The Wake
Forest Magazine, XXVI (Spring 1979), 36–37.]
(See page 302.)
Other additions to the Department during this
period were allan d. louden (B.A., Montana
State; M.A., Montana), who was named Instructor
in Speech and Director of Debate in 1977, follow-
ing Shirley and Hazen in furthering Wake Forest’s
distinguished national reputation in debate;
mary r. Wayne [Thomas] (B.F.A., Pennsylvania
State; M.F.A., Ohio State), who in 1980 became
Costume and Scenic Designer for the University
Theatre; caroline sandlin fullerton (B.A.,
Rollins; M.F.A., Texas Christian), who, beginning
in 1969, was Theatre Speech Consultant (part-
time); and Jo Whitten may (B.S., Virginia; M.A.,
Ph.D., UNC-Greensboro) who, beginning in 1972,
taught speech pathology, speech correction, and
audiology (part-time).
Also in the Department, either full-time or
part-time, during the Scales years were the
following: martin J. bennison (1965–1968),
sue n. elkins (1967–1970), brooks e. neff,
(front row) Harold Tedford, Laura Rouzan, Franklin Shirley, Michael Hazen, (row 2) David Welker, Allan Louden,
Donald Wolfe
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