historical lists
Fall 1972 Cyclone Covey (History)
Spring 1973: James Barefield (History)
Fall 1973: Lee Potter (English)
Spring 1974: Ned Woodall (Anthropology)
Fall 1974: Philip Perricone (Sociology)
Spring 1975: Robert Ulery (Classics)
Fall 1975: James Barefield (History)
Spring 1976: Buck Yearns (History)
Fall 1976: Ralph Wood (Religion)
Spring 1977: David Smiley (History)
Fall 1977: Anne Tillett (Romance Languages)
Spring 1978: Jon Reinhardt (Politics)
Fall 1978: David Broyles (Politics)
Spring 1979: Pendleton Banks (Anthropology)
Fall 1979: Rick Heatley (Classics)
Spring 1980: Robert Beck (Psychology)
Fall 1980: James Barefield (History)
Spring 1981: John Andronica (Classics)
Fall 1981: Lee Potter (English)
Spring 1982: David Smiley (History)
Fall 1982: David Hadley (History)
Spring 1983: David Broyles (Politics)
casa artom, venice
The Director of Casa Artom usually taught two classes. Terisio Pignatti (see Chapter Six) regularly
taught a course in art history, and Instructor Anna-Vera Calimani Sullam, beginning in 1972, taught a
course in Italian (Edmund G. Ranallo had taught this course in 1971–1972). In 1972 Dora Levis Sullam was
appointed Assistant Director of Casa Artom.
asa (see Chapters Five and Six) opened for classes in the fall of 1971. For both semesters of the
year Andronica (Classics) was the Director. Thereafter, the following Wake Forest faculty
members served as indicated:
Students at Casa Artom in the fall of 1973. The director, Lee Potter, is the fifth person from the right on the back row.
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