| the history of wake forest
orrell House (see Chapters Eleven and Twelve) opened for classes in the fall of 1977, with David Hadley
as Director. Thereafter, the following Wake Forest faculty members served as directors:
Spring 1978: Lee Potter (English)
Fall 1978: McLeod Bryan (Religion)
Spring 1979: Harold Tedford (SCTA)
Fall 1979: Jack Fleer (Politics)
Spring 1980: Robert Lovett (English)
Fall 1980: Robert Knott (Art)
Spring 1981: James McDowell (History)
Fall 1981: Donald Schoonmaker (Politics)
Spring 1982: Donald Wolfe (SCTA)
Fall 1982: Carl Moses (Politics)
Spring 1983: Richard Barnett (History)
worrell house, london
The Director of Worrell House usually taught two courses. Other members of the London faculty were
British and included, as needed, David Bindman or (on one occasion) Richard Godfrey in art history, Zanna
Beswick or Chris Stanley in English dramatic literature and London theatre, and Negley B. Harte in history.
Students at Worrell House in the fall of 1979. The director, Jack Fleer, is the fourth person from the right.
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