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semester in france
eginning in the fall of 1972, and continuing each fall thereafter, the Department of Romance
offered a Semester-in-France program at the Université de Dijon. Students were placed
in courses according to their level of ability in French, and the courses were taught by native French
professors. A Wake Forest faculty member accompanied the students and served as a resident director.
The following members of the Department of Romance Languages were in Dijon as indicated:
Fall 1972: Mary Frances Robinson
Fall 1973: Anne Tillett
Fall 1974: Gary Ljungquist
Fall 1975: Eva Rodtwitt
Fall 1976: John E. Parker, Jr.
Fall 1977: Mary Frances Robinson
Fall 1978: Mary Frances Robinson
Fall 1979: Doranne Fenoaltea
Fall 1980: Doranne Fenoaltea
Fall 1981: Eva Rodtwitt
Fall 1982: Mary Frances Robinson
Students in Dijon in the fall of 1979. The director, Doranne Fenoaltea, is the first person on the left in the middle row.
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