historical lists
the z. smith reynolds library
uring the sixteen years of the Scales
the Director of the
Z. Smith Reynolds Library was Merrill B.
Berthrong. His contributions are recorded
elsewhere in this volume, as are other
notable events in the Library’s history.
Until his retirement in 1975 Carlton P.
West (B.A., Boston; M.A., Yale; B.A. in
L.S., UNC-Chapel Hill) had the title of
Librarian. He had been at Wake Forest
since 1928, originally as a teacher of his-
tory and—sometimes—sociology and since
1946 as Librarian. He worked closely with
Berthrong for eleven years, offering his own institutional memory, as well as his counsel and his knowl-
edge of books, during a period of change and growth. [See “Mayflower to Magnolia,” an interview with
West by Emily Herring Wilson, in The Wake Forest Magazine, XXVI (Autumn 1979), 18–21.]
Six other members of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library staff served throughout the Scales administration:
William K. Ach, Microtext Librarian; Minnie M. Huggins, Documents Librarian; Richard J. Murdoch, Rare
Books Librarian and, beginning in 1970–1971, Assistant to the Director; Anne M. Nicholson, Technical Services
Librarian and, later, Catalog Librarian; James M. Nicholson, Assistant Catalog Librarian and, later, Circulation
Librarian; and John R. Woodard, Jr., Director of the Baptist Collection.
Also, the following staff members were active at Wake Forest during the years indicated:
ruth ames, Archivist and Assistant Reference
Librarian, 1975–1983.
mary hendricks day, Circulation Librarian,
Janet l. flowers, Assistant Reference Librarian,
patricia b. giles, Acquisitions Librarian,
1967–1969; Assistant Librarian, 1975–1981;
Reference Librarian, 1981– .
bessie w. hollingsworth, Director of the
Reclassification Project, 1967–1969.
minnie s. Kallam, Reference Librarian, 1967–1974.
mary reed “elen” Knott, Assistant Reference
Librarian, 1982– .
michael J. lacroix, Acquisitions Librarian,
deborah e. luck, Assistant Catalog Librarian,
1972–1975; Periodicals Librarian, 1975–1978.
Joseph natoli, Reference Librarian, 1977–1981.
Kendall m. reid, Reserved Books Librarian, 1975–.
dorothy m. rowley, Periodicals Librarian,
barbara b. salt, Assistant Acquisitions Librarian,
1975– .
margaret v. shoemaker, Assistant Catalog
Librarian, 1967–1982.
Jeanette m. smith, Acting Director of the Baptist
Collection (during Woodard’s leave of absence),
1968–1969; Acquisitions Librarian, 1969–1971.
mildred smitherman, Binding and Marking,
1967– .
laura J. spear, Night Supervisor, 1972-1978;
Periodicals Librarian, 1978– .
John via, Acquisitions Librarian, 1977– .
mary Jane whalen, Assistant Reference Librarian,
Seated: Dorothy Rowley, Minnie Kallan, Minnie Huggins, Carlton West,
Michael LaCroix, James Nicholson, Anne Nicholson. Standing: Richard
Murdoch, Merrill Berthrong
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