| the history of wake forest
the board of trustees
a. douglas aldrich (’44), pastor, First Baptist Church, Gastonia: 1970–1973, 1977–1980.
rebecca may almon (’85), College student, Greensboro: 1983.
richard o. avery (’59), realtor, Morganton: 1971–1974.
carl e. bates, pastor, First Baptist Church, Charlotte: 1973–1976.
r. Knolan benfield (’29), pastor, First Baptist Church, Morganton: 1967–1969.
bert l. bennett, Quality Oil Company, Winston-Salem: 1982–1983.
m. alexander biggs (’49; ’57 J.D.), attorney, Rocky Mount: 1977–1980.
i. murchison biggs (’44; ’45 J.D.), attorney, Lumberton: 1967–1968.
william l. bingham (’44; ’46 M.D.), physician, Lexington: 1968–1971.
polly lambeth blackwell, Winston-Salem: 1976–1979, 1983.
J. donald bradsher (’42; ’45 M.D.), physician, Roxboro: 1969–1972, 1974–1977.
Joseph branch (’38 J.D.), Chief Justice, North Carolina Supreme Court, Raleigh: 1967,
1969–1972, 1974–1977, 1979–1982. Chairman, Board of Trustees, 1970, 1971.
dewey herbert bridger, Jr. (’52), farmer/businessman, Bladenboro: 1969–1972, 1974–1977,
henry l. bridges (’31), North Carolina State Auditor, Raleigh: 1967–1968, 1970–1973.
James henry “chip” burrus (’79), College student, Shelby: 1977–1978.
claude u. broach, pastor, St. John’s Baptist Church, Charlotte: 1967–1970.
wade e. brown, (’31 J.D.), attorney, Boone: 1967–1968.
James t. broyhill, Congressman, Lenoir: 1971–1974.
louise broyhill, Lenoir: 1979–1982.
a. howard bullard, Jr. (’61), Bullard Furniture Company, Fayetteville: 1975–1976, 1977–1980.
albert l. butler, Jr., The Arista Company, Winston-Salem: 1981–1983.
elmer lee cain (’51), Wachovia Bank and Trust Company, High Point: 1968–1971, 1973–1976,
1978–1981. Chairman, Board of Trustees, 1975, 1976; Vice-Chairman, 1981.
robert p. caldwell, sr. (’35), R.P. Caldwell & Company, Gastonia: 1982–1983.
James c. cammack, pastor, Snyder Memorial Baptist Church, Fayetteville: 1972–1975.
rexford r. campbell (’42), pastor, First Baptist Church, West Jefferson: 1967–1969.
betty Knott carr (Mrs. Leo Carr), Burlington: 1967–1969.
Jesse p. chapman, Jr., surgeon, Asheville: 1967, 1969–1972.
hese are the men and women, listed alphabetically, who served on the University’s Board of
during the period July 1, 1967–June 30, 1983. In those years a Trustee’s term began
on January 1 and continued through December 31 of the fourth year. After a four-year term the
Trustee could be reappointed to another term but only after an absence from the Board of one
year. There was no limit on the number of terms that a Trustee could serve. Before 1981 all
Trustees were Baptist and were residents of North Carolina.
Each Trustee is listed by name, Wake Forest class if applicable, profession if applicable,
home town at the time of service, years on the Board, and Trustee offices held if applicable.
Some of the listed Trustees also served on the Board before 1967 and/or after 1983, but I
have included only those years covered by the Scales administration.
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