| the history of wake forest
the college board of visitors
ms. diana moon adams
dr. samuel h. adler
mr. a.r. ammons
dr. george anderson
dr. maya angelou
dr. william c. archie
mr. Jerry b. attkisson
mr. william n. austin
mrs. nathan m. ayers
mr. bert l. bennett
mr. tully blair
mr. william. l. bondurant
dr. george m. boswell, Jr.
mr. herbert brenner
mr. J. herbert bridges
dr. david bryant
mr. robert p. caldwell
mr. d. wayne calloway
dr. coy c. carpenter
mr. wallace carroll
dr. John w. chandler
mr. f. hudnall christopher, Jr.
mr. thomas l. clark
mrs. benjamin cone, Jr.
mr. charles cooke
mr. h. max craig, Jr.
dr. merrimon cuninggim
mr. ronald e. deal
dr. wilton dillon
mr. guy r. dudley
mr. arthur e. earley
ms. aurelia gray eller
mr. ralph ellison
mr. John fairchild
mr. floyd fletcher
ms. anne cannon forsyth
dr. frank forsyth
mr. stanley frank
mr. walter friedenberg
ms. patricia o’neil goodyear
mr. edward gould
ms. constance fraser gray
mr. william b. greene, Jr.
mr. walter e. greer, Jr.
dr. paul p. griffin
mr. victor hammer (honorary)
dr. charles u. harris
mr. w. burnett harvey
mr. Jack hatcher
mr. harold t.p. hayes
dr. e. garland herndon
mr. howard holderness
mr. george w. holton
mrs. dorothy carpenter
mr. r.o. huffman (honorary)
mr. hubert b. humphrey, Jr.
mr. albert r. hunt, Jr.
mr. Joseph s. iseman
mr. gerald w. Johnson
dr. paul Johnson
mr. Joseph w. Jones
mr. george w. Kane, Jr.
dr. nancy c. Kester
ms. connie williams King
mr. Joseph w. King
mr. petro Kulynych
mr. thomas w. lambeth
mr. william f. laporte
brigadier-general lynwood
dr. e. carwile leroy
mr. albert s. lineberry, sr.
dr. campbell mcmillan
mr. John f. mcnair iii
dr. robert maloy
the hon. graham a. martin
dr. James a. martin, Jr.
mr. John e. maxwell
mr. martin mayer
mr. John g. medlin, Jr.
dr. Jasper d. memory
ms. Katharine babcock
mr. bill d. moyers
dr. wayne oates
dr. r. eugene owens
mr. arnold palmer
mr. James r. peterson
mr. dwight l. phillips
mr. James r. phillips
he members of the College Board of Visitors were especially valuable advisers to Wake Forest during the
presidency. Until 1981 only a North Carolina Baptist could serve as a University Trustee. The
Board of Visitors, on the contrary, was open to men and women without regard to geography or faith.
Though without legal authority, they brought their experience and wisdom to University deliberations, and
their counsel was heard and often influential in determining University policies, both academic and
The following men and women served for one or more terms on the Board of Visitors during the years
from 1967 to 1983:
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