historical lists
mrs. lorraine f. rudolph
dr. James settle
mr. earl slick
dr. K. wayne smith
mr. zachary t. smith
mr. norman snead
mr. roy g. sowers, Jr.
mrs. ferne sticht
mr. charles h. taylor
ms. Jo deyoung thomas
congressman frank thompson
mr. leland t. waggoner
dr. alvin r. weinberg
mr. robert d. walker
mr. robert wilder
mr. patrick l.m. williams
mr. george williamson, Jr.
dr. frank willingham
mr. meade h. willis, Jr.
mr. J. tylee wilson
ms. Judy woodruff
mr. william s. yeager
mr. J. smith young
The following topics were discussed by the Visitors at their biannual meetings:
Fall, 1970 The Wake Forest Program of the 1970s
Fall, 1971 The Fine Arts at Wake Forest
Spring, 1972 Varied topics: The Winter Term, Admission Policies, and the proposed Sesquicentennial
Development Program of the University
Fall, 1972 Examination of Three Departments: Philosophy, Art, and English
Spring, 1973 Further examination of academic departments: English, Religion, and Physics
Fall, 1973 A Review of the University’s Self-Study Committee
Spring, 1974 The Wake Forest Graduate Program in the Arts and Sciences
Fall, 1974 The University’s Tenure Policy
Spring, 1975 The Admissions Policy at Wake Forest
Fall, 1975 Student Life and Conduct at Wake Forest
Spring, 1976 Role of the Liberal Arts in the Formation of Moral Values
Fall, 1976 Priority Planning and Development at Wake Forest
Spring, 1977 Endowed Professorships at Wake Forest
Fall, 1977 Merit Scholarships at Wake Forest
Spring, 1978 The Relationship of Wake Forest with the North Carolina Baptist State Convention
Fall, 1978 Consumerism—The Marketability of the Liberal Arts Education in a Career-Minded Society
Spring, 1979 The Arts in Transition at Wake Forest: The Theatre Arts as a Case Study
Fall, 1979 The Role of the Physical Sciences on a Liberal Arts Campus: The Departments of Chemistry
and Physics at Wake Forest
Spring, 1980 Athletics and Title IX
Fall, 1980 Computers and the Liberal Arts
Spring, 1981 The Z. Smith Reynolds Library
Fall, 1981 Financing a College Education
Spring, 1982 The Liberal Arts and the Pre-Med Syndrome
Fall, 1982 Student Life: Shaping Values through the Liberal Arts
Spring, 1983 Wake Forest in the Year 2000
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