historical lists
honorary degrees
theodore floyd adams, Doctor of Divinity: 1968
samuel h. adler, Doctor of Fine Arts: 1983
clifford l. alexander, Jr., Doctor of Laws: 1978
a.r. ammons, Doctor of Letters: 1972
maya angelou, Doctor of Humane Letters: 1977
william c. archie, Doctor of Humane Letters: 1972
maung htin aung, Doctor of Humane Letters: 1970
russell w. baker, Doctor of Letters: 1980
John g. barrett, Doctor of Letters: 1982
carl e. bates, Doctor of Divinity: 1972
John fries blair, Doctor of Humane Letters: 1981
Joseph branch, Doctor of Laws: 1983
germaine bree, Doctor of Letters: 1969
david m. britt, Doctor of Laws: 1969
albert l. butler, Jr., Doctor of Laws: 1970
frank r. campbell, Doctor of Divinity: 1980
wallace carroll, Doctor of Letters: 1973
thomas l. cashwell, Jr., Doctor of Divinity: 1982
John w. chandler, Doctor of Humane Letters: 1968
Jude cleary, Doctor of Divinity: 1976
bonnie ethel cone, Doctor of Humanities: 1976
owen cooper, Doctor of Humanities: 1974
william henry crouch, Doctor of Divinity: 1981
william perry crouch, Doctor of Divinity: 1975
merrimon cuninggim, Doctor of Humanities: 1980
margaret truman daniel, Doctor of Humane Letters: 1973
angie debo, Doctor of Letters: 1978
peter devries, Doctor of Letters: 1980
ralph waldo ellison, Doctor of Letters: 1974
sam J. ervin, Jr., Doctor of Laws: 1971
william w. finlator, Doctor of Divinity: 1973
benjamin c. fisher, Doctor of Divinity: 1971
gerald r. ford, Doctor of Laws: 1980
anne reynolds forsyth, Doctor of Humanities: 1972
stanley frank, Doctor of Humanities: 1981
louise futrell, Doctor of Humanities: 1983
John william gilbert, Doctor of Laws: 1983
phillip a. griffiths, Doctor of Science: 1973
ralph p. hanes, Doctor of Laws: 1973
charles u. harris, Doctor of Humane Letters: 1980
rosemary harris, Doctor of Fine Arts: 1976
shearon harris, Doctor of Laws: 1978
James m. hayes, sr., Doctor of Divinity: 1974
James montgomery hester, Doctor of Divinity: 1974
samuel richardson hill, Jr., Doctor of Science: 1979
Joseph h. hirshhorn, Doctor of Fine Arts: 1976
claude f. howell, Doctor of Humanities: 1975
James b. hunt, Jr., Doctor of Laws: 1982
robert e.r. huntley, Doctor of Laws: 1971
peter Jay, Doctor of Letters: 1979
barbara Jordan, Doctor of Laws: 1975
John d. larkins, Jr., Doctor of Laws: 1977
robert lindgren, Doctor of Fine Arts: 1976
w. randall lolley, Doctor of Divinity: 1971
John alexander mcmahon, Doctor of Laws: 1978
lex marsh, Doctor of Laws: 1970
graham a. martin, Doctor of Laws: 1969
martin mayer, Doctor of Letters: 1977
hazel frances moon, Doctor of Humanities: 1982
dan K. moore, Doctor of Laws: 1968
bill d. moyers, Doctor of Letters: 1970
arnold d. palmer, Doctor of Laws: 1970
terisio pignatti, Doctor of Fine Arts: 1976
lewis f. powell, Jr., Doctor of Laws: 1975
reynolds price, Doctor of Letters: 1979
porter routh, Doctor of Divinity: 1978
arthur rubinstein, Doctor of Fine Arts: 1976
colin stokes, Doctor of Laws: 1977
frank thompson, Jr., Doctor of Humanities: 1977
william w. van alstyne, Doctor of Laws: 1976
walter raleigh wagoner, Doctor of Divinity: 1983
william hampton wagoner, Doctor of Laws: 1981
John f. watlington, Jr., Doctor of Laws: 1969
James e. webb, Doctor of Science: 1969
alvin m. weinberg, Doctor of Science: 1974
John c. whitaker, Doctor of Laws: 1968
thomas g. wicker, Doctor of Letters: 1976
harris l. wofford, Jr., Doctor of Laws: 1982
barnes woodhall, Doctor of Science: 1975
t. eugene worrell, Doctor of Humanities: 1979
n each of the sixteen chapters (Two through Seventeen) that cover the years of the Scales
recipients of honorary degrees in that particular year, awarded usually at
Commencement, are mentioned. I have thought it helpful to list each of them again here, in
alphabetical order, together with the degree received and the year in which it was given.
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