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distinguished alumni awards
billy franklin andrews (’53), Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of
Louisville School of Medicine: 1983.
henlee h. barnette (’40), Professor of Christian Ethics, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: 1970.
helen tucker beckwith (’46), novelist and poet, Raleigh: 1971.
Joseph branch (’38 J.D.), Associate Justice, North Carolina Supreme Court: 1974.
henry l. bridges (’31), North Carolina State Auditor: 1981.
leon l. brogden (’32), Director of Athletics and Physical Education, New Hanover High School,
Wilmington: 1971.
robert p. caldwell, sr. (’35), Chairman, R.P. Caldwell & Company, Gastonia: 1972.
d. wayne calloway (’59), president, Frito-Lay, Inc., Dallas, Texas: 1976.
coy c. carpenter (’22), Vice-President Emeritus for Medical Affairs, Wake Forest University: 1968.
John f. chappell (’61), actor and writer: 1974.
charles w. cheek (’41), President, Richardson Corporation, Greensboro: 1981.
J. edwin collette (’39), President, Security Life and Trust Company, Winston-Salem: 1968.
h. max craig, Jr. (’52), President, Gaston County Dyeing Machine Company, Shelby: 1979.
byron lee “pete” davis (’40), President, Pete Davis Investments, Inc.: 1983.
James h. duncan (’49), head coach, Calgary Stampeders: 1972.
arthur e. earley (’43), President and Chief Executive Officer, Meldrum & Fewsmith, Cleveland,
Ohio: 1975.
william e. eutsler (’40), head football coach, Richmond High School, Rockingham: 1970.
a.J. fletcher (’12), chairman of the board of Capitol Broadcasting Company, Raleigh: 1971.
J. floyd fletcher (’34), former president, Capital Cities Broadcasting Company, Durham: 1980.
dover r. fouts, Jr. (’55), Senior Vice President, B.F. Goodrich Company: 1978.
walter friedenberg (’49), Editor, Cincinnati Post and Times-Star: 1972.
James r. gilley (’57, ’73 MBA), executive vice-president, The Washington Group: 1974.
clyde c. greene, Jr. (’37), General Medical Director, Pacific Telephone Company, San Francisco: 1971.
charles u. harris (’35), Dean and President, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, Evanston,
Illinois (retired): 1975.
w. burnett harvey (’43), Professor of Law and Political Science, Boston University: 1975.
d. swan haworth (’27), Professor of the Psychology of Religion, Southern Baptist Theological
Seminary: 1969.
harold t.p. hayes (’48), editor, Esquire: 1968.
fred b. helms (’22 J.D.), attorney, Charlotte: 1971.
glen g. henson (’27), cattle rancher and real estate entrepreneur: 1977.
garland herndon, Jr. (’44; ’46 M.D.), Vice-President for Health Affairs, Emory University: 1974.
robert p. holding, Jr. (’48), chairman of the board of First Citizens Bank and Trust Company: 1973.
John m. hough, sr. (’29), Superintendent of Schools, Eden: 1968.
ach year University presents awards to some of its most distinguished alumni. The
men and women were honored during the sixteen years of the Scales administration.
Following the name of each recipient are the year of graduation, some indication of the person’s
profession at the time of the award, and, finally, the year in which the recognition occurred.
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