| the history of wake forest
appendiX a
milestones in the history of management education
at waKe forest university
September, 1920 Study of business and related subjects undertaken at Wake Forest College
May, 1949 School of Business Administration formed; the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree
September, 1951 Accounting program of the new school approved for the CPA examination in North Carolina
September, 1954 Provisional Associate membership granted to the School of Business Administration of Wake Forest
College by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
September, 1959 Full accreditation granted by the AACSB
1958-63 Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation makes gifts of Reynolda Woods, Reynolda Village, and Reynolda
Gardens, plus cash endowment for improvements, to Wake Forest College (The Foundation was at this
time under the direction of Charles H. Babcock.)
January, 1965 Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation provides gift of land (Western Electric Company plant site) valued
at $3,500,000, to be used for support of Wake Forest College Library and to endow a Chair of Botany
January, 1967 Trustees approve changing the name of Wake Forest College to Wake Forest University
the beginning of the babcock school
November, 1967 Charles H. Babcock declares in writing the preference that after his death his legacy to Wake Forest
University be used to found a graduate school of business administration (Letter to members of the
Board of Directors of the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation)
December, 1967 Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation approves a grant of $50,000 per year to support development of
graduate programs in business administration at Wake Forest University; another $1,000,000 is made
available, on demand, to construct a suitable business school building
December, 1967 Charles H. Babcock dies; $50,000 grant is temporarily cancelled; University seeks way to honor his
December, 1967 Gift of $1,000,000 announced by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and Nancy Susan Reynolds to
construct business school building as a memorial to Charles H. Babcock
February, 1968 Trustee resolution approved re-naming the School of Business Administration of Wake Forest Univer-
sity the Charles H. Babcock School of Business Administration and also giving his name to the building
which is to be built to house it
February, 1968 Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation approves planning grant of $10,000 for design of the building and
for MBA curriculum development conferences
May, 1968 Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation approves additional grant of $50,000 for development of the
graduate program in business administration
April, 1969 Trustee resolution is adopted phasing out the undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Busi-
ness Administration degree, assuming that Wake Forest University will provide undergraduate work in
business within the academic structure of Wake Forest College
August, 1969 Dr. Robert S. Carlson appointed first Dean of the Charles H. Babcock School of Business Administration
September, 1969 Dr. Jeanne Owen appointed Director of the BBA program within the Babcock School as the program is
being phased out
October, 1969 Dedication of the Charles H. Babcock School of Business Administration Building
October, 1969 The Faculty of Wake Forest College vote to recommend establishment within the College of a Depart-
ment of Economics and a Department of Business and Accountancy
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