| the history of wake forest
student gift was from the Men’s Residence Council. The bulk of the
money was raised from businesses and individual philanthropists
in Winston-Salem. Speakers ranged from Senator Ed Muskie to
labor leader Saul Alinsky. Several thousand Wake Forest students
and faculty participated. Delegates attended from over 150 other
colleges and universities.
When the university community learned that President Scales’s
daughter was terminally ill with cancer, I and my friend, J.D. Wil-
son, who was the head of the Student Union, decided to work with
the Alumni Office to solicit gifts to establish a memorial far more
long-lasting than flowers. Immediately after her death, requests
were sent to all alumni to contribute to a scholarship fund at Bow-
man Gray School of Medicine. Interest from the scholarship endow-
ment was used for many years to pay a stipend to medical students
to participate in cancer research during the summer. After his re-
tirement, Dr. Scales was very involved in managing the funds and
selecting the recipients. I have no idea how many were persuaded
to become oncologists or cancer researchers as a result.
Norma Murdoch at registration for the Experimental College
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