| the history of wake forest
u the year in athletics
The Wake Forest golf
team won its second
straight Atlantic Coast
Conference champion-
ship. Jack lewis, a
junior from Florence,
SC, who had won every
regular season match,
also won the individual
ACC championship and was named a first team
All-American. He also received from Wake
Forest the Arnold Palmer Athlete-of-the-Year
Award. The team subsequently placed third in
NCAA competition.
After losing the first six games of the season
(to Duke, Clemson, Houston, Virginia, Memphis
State, and N.C. State), the football team won
its last four games: against UNC, South Caro-
lina, Tulsa, and Marylandvi. Coach bill tate,
in his fourth year at Wake Forest, was given
a new contract. Football players richard
u the calendar of events
From the Artists Series, directed by Professor
of Biology charles m. allen: Marcel Marceau,
the “greatest pantomimist since Charlie Chaplin”;
the Atlanta Symphony under the direction of
Robert Shaw; “An Indonesian Cultural Evening”
(in cooperation with the Asian Studies Program).
From the College Union: novelist James T. Far-
rell; poet Mark Van Doren; professional basket-
ball coach Arnold “Red” Auerbach; columnist
Drew Pearson; flamenco guitarist Carlos Mon-
toya; popular entertainers Dionne Warwick,
Simon and Garfunkel, The Lettermen, and
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles; ninety
films, including a Humphrey Bogart Festival
(planned by a film committee under the chair-
manship of r. hayes mcneill of Wilkesboro).
From the Institute of Literature: literary
historian Malcolm Cowley.
From the University Theatre: productions
of John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger, Shake-
speare’s Twelfth Night, and Jean Giraudoux’s
The Madwoman of Chaillot.
In chapel: Lester G. Maddox, Governor of
Georgia; Lieutenant-General Lewis Walt, for-
mer commander of Marines in Vietnam; Terry
Sanford, former Governor of North Carolina.
One event of topical interest from the ’60’s
was the lecture given by Huston Smith, pro-
fessor of philosophy from MIT, on the pos-
sibility of “increased religious awareness”
when under the influence of LSD. He said that
he himself had “taken several trips.”
Only a limited selection of campus events is possible. For each year I have tried to choose those that
seemed most important at the time or that in retrospect impress me as most memorable. Other
alumni would, of course, have their own favorites.
From The Howler, 1968 (p. 199): “It was a team of cocky, untried sophomores, of juniors, veterans of only
a single season, and of seniors who had never known a winning record. It was a ten game season of mis-
takes, mismatches, big breaks, no breaks, and heart—above all it was a season of heart. Try to explain
how you dropped six games in a row, with a 14–12 squeaker and a 50–6 slaughter played back to back,
then, using the same plays, personnel and coaches, won the remaining four, without saying it was heart.”
Jack Lewis
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