| the history of wake forest
and Financial Aid, a position to which he would give a lifelong
commitment and selfless dedication. Years later, at a memorial
service for Starling, I said, “How can even those of us who knew
him best begin to count and to consider the thousands of young
college-bound men and women whom he, with a welcome and a
handshake, met and then patiently listened to and wisely coun-
seled? He was more than smart or talented. He did not parade his
intellect or lead by commandment. Rather, he had a quiet confi-
dence that he could do what had to be done…. He was shrewd in
his judgments and fair in giving voice to them.” Much of Wake
Forest’s steadily growing reputation among high school students
was surely due to Starling’s admissions wisdom and his whole-
hearted embrace of his responsibilities.
Both the Office of the Chaplain and the Office of Admissions
were strengthened by other appointments: Richard W. McBride
(B.S., Virginia; B.D., Union Theological Seminary) as Assistant
Chaplain and Director of the Baptist Student Union; William M.
Mackie Jr. (B.S., 1964) as Associate Director of Admissions and
Financial Aid; and Ross A. Griffith (B.S., 1965) as Assistant Director
of Admissions. Shirley P. Hamrick (B.A., North Carolina), who
had worked with diligence and imagination in Admissions since
1957, continued as Associate Director.
The staff of the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (in 1988). Seated: Shirley Hamrick, Vonda
Reece. Standing: Thomas Phillips, Martha Greene, Douglas Bland, Georgia Brown, Wayne Johnson,
William Starling, Martha Blevins Allman.
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