the end of chapel and the changing college scene
notes |
u faculty notes
Three members of the College faculty—Professor
of Physical Education harold barrow, Professor
of German James o’flaherty, and Professor of
English henry snuggs—were awarded Wake
Forest’s first sabbatical research leaves in a new
program financed by a gift from the R.J. Reyn-
olds Tobacco Company. Because of illness Pro-
fessor Snuggs was not able to accept his leave.
Professor of Psychology John e. williams was
appointed in his place.
Associate Professor of English a. lewis
aycock was reassigned to the developing
Department of Art, where, in addition to
his teaching responsibilities, he would be
the Slide Librarian for a collection of slides
already numbering more than 10,000.
The Department of Sociology and Anthropology,
heretofore offering a combined major in the two
disciplines, began to offer two separate majors,
one in sociology and one in anthropology.
u administrative notes
robert moore allen (B.A., Vanderbilt), at Wake
Forest since 1966, was named editor of The Wake
Forest Magazine, succeeding m. henry “hank”
garrity in that position. Garrity, director of
development and alumni affairs since 1964,
subsequently resigned to take a position with
the national staff of the Boy Scouts of America.
charles g. furr (J.D., 1960), on the development
and alumni affairs staff since 1966, was named
acting director; he resigned in the spring to go to
the University of Florida as director of develop-
ment. h. donald griffin (B.S., 1960), assistant
director of development and alumni affairs since
1965, also resigned.
marshton “bunker” hill of the campus police
retired after ten years at Wake Forest. He was to be
remembered for calmly issuing parking tickets.
Assistant Professor of Political Science don-
ald schoonmaker was named “Professor of
the Year” by Old Gold and Black.
harry lee king Jr. was promoted to the rank
of Professor of Spanish.
Two members of the Department of History were
Fulbright lecturers abroad for the 1968–1969
academic year: david l. smiley at the University
of Strasbourg in France and w. buck yearns Jr.
at Jadavpur University in Calcutta, India.
A year-long course on Asian thought and civi-
lization was taught by four Visiting Profes-
sors: marcelino a. foronda from Manila;
shoici watambe from Tokyo; tai Jen from
Taiwan; and ananda guruge from Sri Lanka.
Professor of Marketing ralph cyrus heath
retired at the end of the academic year.
Jack k. talbert (B.B.A., 1967) was named
assistant director in the Office of Develop-
ment and Alumni Affairs. He remained in
that position for one year.
robert e. knott (B.A., 1962; B.D., Southeast-
ern Baptist Theological Seminary) served this
year, during Ed Christman’s absence, as assis-
tant to the Chaplain and director of the Baptist
Student Union.
marvin “skeeter” francis, Sports Informa-
tion Director since 1955, resigned to assume
the directorship of the Atlantic Coast Confer-
ence’s Service Bureau.
mrs. h. raymond madry retired. She had
been a housemother for thirteen years.
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