a whirlwind of ideas
met with every department in the College, and the Student Govern-
ment established its own committee to parallel what the faculty was
doing. The AAUP devoted one of its sessions to “Curricular Reform,”
and other open forums were held so that there could be a full discus-
sion of every idea under review. The Committee also looked at cur-
riculum changes taking place at other colleges and tried to determine
whether any of them would be worth considera tion by Wake Forest.
The members of the Committee, besides myself, were Associate Pro-
fessor of English Doyle Fosso, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Donald Schoonmaker, Associate Professor of Religion Phyllis Trible,
Professor of Physics Thomas Turner, and Assistant Professor of
Psychology John Woodmansee.
Members of the Committee realized that only a set of recom-
mendations balanced between tradition and change would survive
a faculty vote and were also aware of an understandable tendency in
each department to protect its own academic “turf.” Their proposals
were ultimately presented to the faculty in the spring of 1970 and
A rainy day on the campus
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