| the history of wake forest
for the troops in Vietnam and their rights of freedom of speech and
press. With Christmas approaching, Wake Forest students were urged
to give part of their Christmas prayers toward peace in Vietnam.
In January five students, including Charlow and Fuller, joined a
group of counselors in opening a draft-counseling service at Fifth
and Main Streets in Winston-Salem. The purpose of the service
was to provide information on existing draft laws and, if requested,
on legal means of avoiding the draft.
In the late winter and early spring Moratorium efforts continued
quietly, but on the campus even the Vietnam war was—as shall be
shown later in this chapter—eclipsed by other more local issues.
Then, in May, President Nixon sent thousands of American troops
across the Vietnam border into Cambodia for the purpose of destroy-
ing North Vietnam’s military sanctuaries there, and the somewhat
dormant peace movement was reawakened. Students from every
part of America rose up in anger, not only on campuses in places
Students organized in protest over the war in Vietnam
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