a whirlwind of ideas
In January 1970 the Trustees, in an effort to maintain Wake
Forest’s traditional commitment to North Carolina residents, ap-
proved a $150 tuition rebate to each student from North Carolina,
but a strong protest came from both faculty members and students
who contended that the Trustee action would make the campus
less cosmopolitan. Both President Scales and I agreed, and the
Trustees rescinded their earlier decision, though at the same time
authorizing a fund to be established for the purpose of providing
scholarship assistance for students from within the State.
Perhaps it was not surprising that, in the summer of 1970, follow-
ing a year of conflict and change, President Scales decided to look
abroad for something else that would be, in its own way, daring and
dormitories, im-
proved landscaping
(especially in Reyn-
olda Woods and
Reynolda Gardens),
two overseas centers
(one in Asia and one
in Europe), an ex-
pansion of Professor
Evans’s program in
British Honduras,
and a faculty club.
He also cited endow-
ment needs for pro-
fessorships, student
scholarships, lecture-
ships in the humani-
ties, the Urban Affairs
Institute, and the
Ecumenical Institute.
Dr. B.G. Gokhale and Mrs. Beena Gokhale
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