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u faculty notes
The second round of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco
Company leaves were awarded to Professor of
Philosophy robert m. helm, Professor of
Sociology clarence h. patrick, and Professor
of English elizabeth phillips.
william f. mcilwain (B.A., 1949) was named
the University’s first writer in residence. He
was at Wake Forest for the 1970 spring term,
and again for the following fall term.
Associate Professor of Political Science Jack d.
fleer, Professor of German ralph s. fraser,
Professor of Religion emmett willard ham-
rick, Associate Professor of Music calvin r.
huber, and Associate Professor of Philosophy
gregory d. pritchard were appointed, begin-
ning with the 1969–1970 academic year, to be
chairmen of their respective departments. d.
paul hylton was also named chairman of the
Department of Business and Accountancy, and
J. van wagstaff was appointed chairman of
u administrative notes
l.h. hollingsworth,
Director of Church
Relations, resigned
to accept a position as
pastor of the Emery-
wood Baptist Church
in High Point.
wfdd-fm was one of
ten non-commercial
educational radio
stations in the United
States to receive a $15,000 grant from the
Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Another
grant of $7,000 was received the following year.
a. lewis aycock (English) and Julian c.
burroughs Jr. (Speech) were promoted to the
rank of Professor. kenneth t. raynor, who
had retired in 1961 as Associate Professor
Emeritus of Mathematics, was given the title
of Professor Emeritus.
edward reynolds (B.A., 1964), Wake Forest’s
first black graduate, returned to the campus to
teach two history courses in the 1970 summer
Associate Professor of History richard c.
barnett was named “Professor of the Year” by
Old Gold and Black.
Professor of French harold d. parcell retired
at the end of the academic year.1
A new course, “Introduction to Film,” was
offered in the fall by Associate Professor
Julian c. burroughs, Jr.
1See Emily Herring Wilson’s “Conversation” with him in The Wake Forest Magazine, XXVII
(Spring 1980), 23-25.]
carlos o. holder (B.B.A.,
Wake Forest, 1969) was
named Assistant to the
russell brantley, Director
of Communications, was
asked to coordinate activities of the alumni and
development offices. Later in the year he was
also appointed Assistant to the President.
mrs. malinda overby, residence hostess in
women’s dormitories, retired after—in her
words—“30 years of daily research and study
of the procedures of today’s youth.”
L.H. Hollingsworth
Carlos Holder
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