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u the calendar of events
From the College Union: speakers Julian Bond,
Leon Keyserling, and Terence O’Neill (former
prime minister of Northern Ireland); singer
Glenn Yarbrough; the Fifth Dimension; and the
Preservation Hall Jazz Band.
From the University Theatre: productions of
Stephen Sondheim’s A Funny Thing Happened
on the Way to the Forum; Jean Anouilh’s The
Lark, and Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
From the Artists Series: baritone Simon Estes,
the Osipov Balalaika Orchestra of Moscow, and
the Indianapolis Symphony (conducted by Izler
From the Wake Forest Chamber Music Society:
the Prokofiev Quartet, the Claremont String
Quartet, and the Clarion Woodwind Quintet.
Also appearing: Charles Bohlen, former U.S.
Ambassador to Russia; astronaut Michael
Collins; critic William Barrett; William Rusher,
publisher of the National Review; speaker/
entertainer Dick Gregory (sponsored by the
Afro-American Society); harold hayes (B.S.,
1948), editor of Esquire (Founders’ Day speak-
er); and folk singer Gordon Lightfoot.
The College Union’s film series, again under
doug lemza, was selected by the American
Federation of Film Societies, from sixteen
hundred schedules submitted for judging, as
the best in the nation, ahead of second-place
Dartmouth, third-place UCLA, and fourth-place
Harvard. During the year the film series had
Federico Fellini and Stanley Kubrick festivals.
u in memoriam
howard holt bradshaw, Professor of Surgery
at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine, 1941–
1968. Died August 11, 1969.
n. taylor dodson, Professor of Physical
Education (member of the faculty since 1957).
Died August 13, 1969
ora c. bradbury, Professor Emeritus of
Biology (member of the faculty, 1925–1961).
Died September 2, 1969.
Joseph o. gilliam, Jr., Assistant to the Trea-
surer, 1967–1969. Died September 20, 1969.
walter clinton “dynamite” holton, Director
of Sports Publicity, 1937–1942. Died October 10,
marceleno e. delgado, Instructor in Spanish
since 1947. Died December 18, 1969.
camillo artom, Professor of Biochemistry
at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine,
1939–1963. Died February 3, 1970.
henry l. snuggs2, Professor of English
(member of the faculty since 1945). Died
June 12, 1970.
roger ray Jackson sr., on the College devel-
opment staff, 1945–1956. Died June 21, 1970.
2A tribute by Rev. Warren Carr of Wake Forest Baptist Church “in memory of Henry L. Snuggs,
scholar” is printed in The Wake Forest Magazine, XVII (July 1970), 30.
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