History of Wake Forest University, Volume 6 (1983-2005)


Samuel T. Gladding


History of Wake Forest University, Volume 6 (1983-2005)

by Samuel T. Gladding

Except for the removal of Wake Forest College to Winston-Salem, there has never been a more exciting or impactful time in the history of the institution than during the 22 years of the Hearn administration (1983-2005). In this era, Wake Forest went from a strong regional, Baptist-affiliated university to a top 30 national, independent, institution of higher education. It hosted two presidential debates, won four NCAA team and one individual athletic championships,produced nine Rhodes Scholars, raised over a billion dollars, started a divinity school, invested millions in the renovation of old and the construction of new buildings, increased the number and academic excellence of its faculty, brought in higher quality students, lowered its student/faculty ratio, had groups and individuals within it excel academically, athletically, and altruistically, and became more united. It grew slightly in size physically but more significantly it magnified its influence in the world and produced a bevy of leaders on all levels dedicated to making a positive and humanistic difference. This book traces the events that led to the explosive growth and influence of Wake Forest. At the helm, guiding the university, was Thomas K. Hearn, Jr. He was a visionary and decisive leader whose strong will and high energy propelled the institution. With him, and even sometimes ahead of him, was a supporting cast of faculty, students, administrators and staff who were creative, innovative, but above all concerned with how to live and implement the university’s motto: Pro Humanitate. Within these pages you will read how the transformation of Wake Forest occurred. It involved thousands of individuals and is one of the most amazing stories of institutionalchange ever. Each year in the process is documented with highlights on the people, decisions, and actions, that made the overall conversion possible.

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History of Wake Forest University, Volume 6 (1983-2005)