Contents ix
Appendix N The Alumni Association/Schoonmaker Faculty Prize
for Community Service 617
Appendix O Award for Excellence in Research 618
Appendix P  Founders’ Day Speakers, 1984–2005 619
Appendix Q  Honorary Degrees, 1984–2005 620
Appendix R Jon Reinhardt Award for Excellence
in Teaching, 1985–2005 625
Appendix S   Reid-Doyle Excellence in Teaching Award, 1983–2005 626
Appendix T  The Kulynych Family Omicron Delta Kappa
Award Recipients, 1987–2005 627
Appendix U Wake Forest University Graduation and
Student Percentages, 1983 and 2005 628
Appendix V    Alumni Council Presidents, 1983–2005 629
Appendix W  College Board of Visitors Chairs, 1983–2005 630
Appendix X  Administrative Personnel, Schools on the
Reynolda Campus, 1983–2005 631
Appendix Y  Personal Interviews Conducted for the Book 638
References 639
Index 659
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