102 The History of Wake Forest
of Emmanuel EMC Church in
Four students, Sarah Mead-
ows, Sonya Bourn, Virginia DuPre,
and Ingrid Kincaid, started a cam-
pus chapter of Students Against
Drunk Driving (SADD), which
was the first collegiate chapter of
this organization in North Caro-
lina. Meadows, DuPre, Kincaid,
and A.J. Kindel created Safe Rides
of Wake Forest to reduce the inci-
dence of drunk driving by pro-
viding education and alternatives.
Health Educator Cashin Hunt,
who was involved in much of the
University’s alcohol education,
became the group’s faculty advisor.
A new organization, Students Against Multiple Sclerosis (SAMS), started in
November. It aimed to increase student awareness of the disease and to collect money
for research. Kevin Dopke was the founder.
Reflecting President Hearn’s belief that Wake Forest had a responsibility to train
leaders for the next generation, the Student Life Office held a “best practices” confer-
ence on leadership development for undergraduate students on January 5–6. Major
Henry Cooper
Students Against Apartheid rally
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