Chapter Seven: 1989–1990 121
Summing Up the Year
The completion of the Olin Physical Laboratory and Kentner Stadium in the fall set
the stage for major construction projects that would dominate the Reynolda campus
for the next five years as social, academic, residential, and athletic space expanded.
The opening of the Lawrence Joel Coliseum, just off campus, was also a welcomed
sign for Deacons everywhere as it signaled the University’s continued competition
in the ACC. These physical projects, while important, were the harbingers of what
would be. Following them were Benson Center, the Wilson Wing of the Z. Smith
Reynolds Library, a major addition to Winston Hall, the renovation of Salem Hall,
the groundbreaking for the Worrell Professional Center, as well as new buildings and
renovations on the Hawthorne campus. The sound of jackhammers and the sight
of scaffolding created an air of excitement in the Wake Forest community and in
Winston-Salem. The University was growing more than it had since the campuses
first opened on the knolls of Reynolda and Hawthorne Hills.
Administratively, there was not a lot of action. Academics, on the other hand,
were infused with the addition of high-powered, high-profiled professors, new stu-
dent scholarships, and a greater international emphasis through two novel exchange
programs. The year witnessed three ACC championships, two in track and one in
men’s soccer. The women’s basketball team also had a stellar season. The increased,
upgraded space on campus promised important future initiatives. What could not be
seen was what else might happen that would propel the University forward even more
and change its dynamics forever.
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