Chapter Eight: 1990–1991 127
Dana Award for Pioneering Achievement in Education from the Charles A. Dana
Foundation in New York.
Elsewhere on the Reynolda campus, the Computer Science Department began in
July 1990 to consider offering a master’s degree. Also, in August, Mathematics Profes-
sors Marcellus Waddill, Frederic Howard, and Elmer Hayashi hosted the Fourth Inter-
national Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications. Waddill later
received the Alumni Association’s Faculty Prize for Community Service in May  1991.
Professor Harold Tedford in the Department of Speech Communication and
Theatre Arts offered a special two-credit course in London for fourteen days (Decem-
ber 28–January 12). Students attended ten plays and visited historic sites.
In the Physics Department, George (Jack) Williams Jr. stepped down as Chair,
and William Kerr attended a conference in the Soviet Union on nonlinearity and
disorder. In the Department of Health and Exercise Science, Peter H. Brubaker
(MA  ’86), a specialist in research on heart transplants, was named the new Director
of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program on August 1, 1990.
In Religion, William Angell was appointed interim director of the Ecumenical
Institute. Ralph C. Wood, an expert on religion and literature, especially the work of
Flannery O’Connor, was appointed John Allen Easley Professor of Religion, and Fred
L. Horton Jr., an Episcopal priest, was appointed John Thomas Albritton Professor
of the Bible in January 1991.
Charles H. “Hank” Kennedy (Political Science) was awarded a Fulbright Award
to teach and to conduct research at the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Ross
Smith, debate coach since 1984, was named Coach of the Year by the National Debate
Charles R. “Chuck” Kennedy Jr. (Babcock School) examined the risks in inter-
national business in Managing the International Business Environment, and Dolly A.
McPherson (English) published Order Out of Chaos: The Autobiographical Works of
Maya Angelou. Allen Mandelbaum (Humanities) opened the University’s Writers
Reading series in the Ring Theatre with a selection from his five volumes of original
poetry and verse translations.
At the August 23 freshman convocation, Carl C. Moses (Political Science)
received the award for excellence in advising. John Medlin, Chair, President, and
Chief Executive Officer of First Wachovia, was the opening Convocation speaker
on September 11 and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Law degree. During the
convocation, Carl Everest, Professor of Classical Languages from 1956 to 1989, was
given the Jon Reinhardt Award for Distinguished Teaching. Afterward, a ground-
breaking ceremony was held at the site of the new professional center for law and
Tom Taylor, Dean of the Calloway School of Business and Accountancy, was
named Hylton Professor of Accounting. Paul Dierks resigned as Associate Dean
of the Babcock School to return to teaching, and on January 18 John McKinnon
appointed Jim Ptaszynski to take Dierks’s position, effective June 30, 1991. Peter R.
Peacock, an Associate Professor in the Babcock School, received the Sara Lee Excel-
lence Award.
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