Chapter Nine: 1991–1992 145
announcement jointly because the Graduate School
spanned the campuses.
Dana J. Johnson was appointed to become Dean
of the School of Business and Accountancy on July 1,
replacing Dean Thomas C. Taylor, who became the first
Dean of this school in 1980. Taylor returned to teach-
ing and became the first Delmer P. Hylton Professor of
Accountancy. Before coming to Wake Forest, Johnson
was a Visiting Professor of Business Administration at
the University of Virginia and taught at Virginia Tech.
Within the Babcock School of Management, Chuck
Kennedy Jr. was named Director of the Flow Institute
for International Studies.
Gloria Cooper was appointed Director of Affir-
mative Action/Equal Opportunity in January. Cecil
D. Price (’78, MD ’82) became Director of Student
Health Services on August 1, succeeding Mary Ann
Taylor (’56, MD ’60), who retired June 30. Dirk Faude
(’83) became Head of the Information Technology
Center in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library in January,
and Kevin Cox was promoted to Assistant Director of
Media Relations.
Regina Lawson also received a promotion. She
became the Director of University Security. She had
been Assistant Director of the twenty-four-member
force since 1989. With her elevation in status, she
became one of only thirty-five women directors or
chiefs of campus police forces nationwide. She suc-
ceeded Robert G. Prince, who retired in the spring.
Prince had joined the University in March 1988 after
serving for twenty years as an FBI special agent and
five years with Piedmont Airlines corporate security.
The Volunteer Service Corps received a $122,000
grant from the Winston-Salem Foundation, allowing
it to hire a full-time professional coordinator, estab-
lish its own office, and cover three years of operating
Ross Griffith (’65) and Susan Hunter in the Office
of Institutional Research published the first edition of
the Fact Book in May. It compiled general information
about the University and data on students, faculty,
staff, facilities, and finances for each year.
Provost Brown initiated the Spires of Excellence
program, a strategy to cluster academic resources in
four areas—individualized instruction, worldview,
aging, and civic responsibility—to achieve national
Gordon Melson
Dana J. Johnson
Regina Lawson
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