Chapter Nine: 1991–1992 151
Five new theme houses were approved for the academic year, including houses
for African American Women’s Studies, fitness, fine arts, and two for the Wesley
Foundation. Existing theme houses included the International House, French House,
German House, Russian House, Italian House, and Wake Radio House. Huffman
House had been designated an academic theme house since 1983.
A cross-campus shuttle service for students was started on October 26, provid-
ing transportation from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., Sunday through Thursday, in response to
security problems. In one serious incident, Nathan Farmer, manager of the Benson
Center food court, fought off two armed attackers on September 9 as he was leaving
work shortly after 3 a.m. The attack was the fourth assault on students, professors,
and campus workers since classes began August 22. The student-run shuttle made
twelve campus stops each half hour.
Another safety program, SAFE Rides, began its fourth year, operating on Thurs-
day, Friday, and Saturday nights, with more than one hundred volunteers. It had its
own headquarters in the lobby of Luter Residence Hall. The program was unique
in that it was not affiliated with national groups, such as Students Against Driving
Drunk. It was lauded for its work in the September 12 edition of the Old Gold and
A day-student lounge, Room 216 in Benson University Center, opened at the end
of October. It had a refrigerator, bulletin board, couches, study tables, a local access
phone, and lockers. Sophomore Ramsey Dow was instrumental in repurposing the
existing study lounge for day students, according to Mary Beil, Director of the Benson
Chi Rho
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