152 The History of Wake Forest
In the fall, Scott Kyles (’92) and Clark Pinyan (’93) identified a need for a
campus-based music ministry. They created a Christian mens’ a cappella ensemble
called Chi Rho. They derived the name from the first two letters in the Greek spelling
of Christ, and the group’s symbol came from the University seal.
David Upchurch, Student Government President, and other leaders organized
and implemented the first ACC Student Government Leadership Conference from
November 22 to 24. Besides Upchurch, the leadership included Rod Webb, Trea-
surer; Jull Weiskopf, Secretary; and Chris Baugher, Speaker of the House. ACC Com-
missioner Eugene F. Corrigan was the keynote speaker. The conference aimed to
disseminate ideas about leadership.
On November 9, a new game room in the Benson University Center was renamed
and dedicated as Shorty’s in honor of Millard L. “Shorty” Joyner, who ran a student
hangout with a grill and game room near the old campus, at 212 White Street. The
Half-Century Club and the Class of 1941 undertook the project to rename and fur-
nish the room.
For the first time, rising juniors and seniors had the opportunity to register in
the spring for fall courses in their major. Registrar Margaret Perry and her office
A tunnel on the south side of campus
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