4 The History of Wake Forest
Medical Affairs), Donna I. Lambeth (for the Winston-Salem community), Joanne
O’Brien (Student Government President), and Edwin G. Wilson (Provost). Sandra
Connor (Director of Foundations Relations) coordinated inauguration preparations.
The Hearns moved their belongings in mid-September, and on October 3, the
President wrote to the Board of Trustees, “This is to let you know that the new admin-
istration at Wake Forest is in place as of Saturday.” The letter went on to recount
a hectic schedule of University, alumni, and Baptist State Convention meetings; to
praise Ralph and Betty Scales for their hospitality; and to recount toward the end that
“at 7 a.m. on Saturday, the student body had black and gold balloons delivered to the
house by a clown!” On October 4, Hearn wrote A.C. Reid, a former member of the
Philosophy Department, that it was his first working day in the office.
On the official inauguration day, a Friday, the day started out cloudy with light
rain, but the sun came out in the early afternoon, and by 2 p.m. the sky was clear.
Barbara Hearn commissioned Dan Locklair, then an assistant professor of music,
to compose an anthem for the occasion. The result was an anthem for organ, choir,
brass, and timpani entitled The Fabric of Creation, with words written by Marty Lentz,
University editor. The brass fanfare that preceded the ceremony, and the processional
and recessional—both for organ and brass—were written by local composer Douglas
Borwick. The audience was so impressed by Borwick’s recessional that they remained
seated and listened to the music even after the academic procession had left the
Various constituencies brought President-elect Hearn greetings before the new
president spoke. In order, the greetings came from Joanne O’Brien (’84), speaking for
the students; Germaine Brée (LLD ’69), speaking for the faculty; William H. Flowe
Sr. (’41), bringing greetings from the alumni; William Friday (LLD ’57), bringing
greetings from colleges and universities; Wayne Corpening, speaking on behalf of
the City of Winston-Salem; and James B. Hunt (LLD ’80), bringing greetings from
the State of North Carolina. Hearn then delivered his inaugural address, emphasiz-
ing the dual nature of the cel-
ebration by saying: “This is both
Inauguration and Sesquicen-
tennial, a time to anticipate the
future and to honor the past.”
He quoted President Truman’s
words at the 1951 ground-
breaking ceremony for the new
campus, noting that a college
is an institution dedicated to
the future: “That faith and that
hope we reaffirm here today.”
He singled out the “special Wake
Forest character” and “above all
the character of personal
concern we take in each other.”
He also thanked former Presi-
dent Scales for his contributions
Newly appointed President Thomas K. Hearn and
former President James Ralph Scales share the
podium at the inauguration of Hearn
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