216 The History of Wake Forest
(ROTC) scholarship winners.” He expected a report regarding outcomes no later
than June 1, 1997. The initiative was aimed at maintaining the viability of the ROTC
program in an era of military retrenchment.
The Traffic Commission recommended eliminating reserved parking for senior
administrators behind Reynolda Hall. Conveyed to the President by Ken Zick on
June 5, the change was implemented immediately.
In order to use available space and staff more effectively, the Student Health
Center started requiring students in nonemergency situations to make appointments.
Gloria Cooper Agard, Assistant Director of the Department of Human Resources,
announced a program to recognize employees with five or more years of service.
To ease tensions and to coordinate efforts at the highest level, President Hearn
instructed Vice Presidents John Anderson and Leon Corbett on November 29 to
meet on a bi-weekly basis instead of exchanging e-mails. His memo stated, “We have
too much at stake for there to be failures of communication between the legal and
financial functions.” In an unrelated event, Anderson turned over his planning duties
to Vice President Sandra Boyette (Public Affairs).
Two prominent leaders resigned.  Dana Johnson accepted a position as Dean of
the College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware effective July
15, 1996. She sent a letter of resignation to the President on May 23 announcing her
decision. She had been Dean of the Calloway School of Business and Accountancy
for four years (1992–1996), and under her leadership, it was ranked the twenty-fifth
best undergraduate business program in the country.
Richard Janeway, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs for the past
twenty-five years, announced on June 21 that he would step down on July 1, 1997,
to become the University’s first Distinguished Professor of Healthcare Management.
He was sixty-three years old and had come to the Bowman Gray School of Medicine
in 1963 as a National Institutes of Health (NIH) fellow in neurology. He joined the
faculty in 1966 and became Dean in 1971. He
was named Vice President of Health Affairs
in 1983 and Executive Vice President in 1990.
With 9,254 employees, the medical center
ranked as the largest employer in Forsyth
Others received new administrative
appointments.  Claudia Thomas (English)
became the fifth Associate Dean of the Col-
lege, joining Toby Hale, Billy Hamilton, Pa-
tricia Johansson, and Paul Orser in January
1996. Clay Hipp (Calloway) also assumed a
new position as adviser to students charged
with judicial infractions. He replaced Paul
Orser, who had held the position for four
years. Richard Janeway
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