Chapter One: 1983–1984 7
On February 3, 1984, the day on which
Wake Forest was founded a century and a
half earlier, classes were cancelled, and John
W. Chandler, president of Williams College
and a Wake Forest alumnus, spoke to an audi-
ence of students, staff, faculty, and alumni in
Wait Chapel on the sesquicentennial theme
of “Faith and Reason.” Other special events to
honor the occasion followed. The most widely
attended was a trek back to the old campus on
April 15, 1984. More than two thousand stu-
dents, alumni, faculty, and staff took part in
the all-day celebration. President Hearn would
later say his sesquicentennial experiences were
like enrolling in “History of Wake Forest 101.”
One of the first challenges Wake Forest and
its new president faced at the beginning of
the academic year was the 1983 Law School
graduates’ disappointing 74 percent passage rate on the bar exam, the lowest of the
state’s five law schools. Corrective measures were discussed both within and outside
President Hearn addresses the crowd
on the old Wake Forest campus in the
spring of 1984
Law school student enjoys a sunny place to study
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