Chapter Fourteen: 1996–1997 233
Sound on July 17. On July 22, ROTC officials
laid a wreath at the Perritt Flag Plaza outside
Benson University Center in his honor, and
about twenty Wake Forest students joined
over four hundred friends and relatives at the
Florence Baptist Temple on July 26 for his
funeral. A campus memorial service was held
on September 12, and a five-kilometer race
in his honor followed in April, the proceeds
of which helped furnish a new classroom
named for him. Gould, a sophomore from
Sanford, North Carolina, was killed in a car
wreck in his hometown just days before the
start of the school year.
Gates and gatehouses at the Univer-
sity Parkway and Reynolda Road entrances
to Wake Forest greeted new and returning
students for the fall semester of 1996. They
became operational from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
on September 9. The University changed its
initial plans to build a gatehouse at the Polo
Road entrance because underground utility lines would have caused construction
problems. Instead, a wrought-iron gate was constructed to block the Polo Road
entrance during the hours when the gatehouses were operating. Altogether, the gates
cost between $370,000 and $385,000. Built during the summer, they were part of a
security enhancement plan the University announced in March 1996. The plan also
called for hiring more police officers and installing additional lights across campus.
It was prompted by a number of incidents in recent years, including the 1995 abduc-
tion and robbery of two students who were quickly released unharmed. To heighten
protection, Wake Forest police issued car decals and tags to members of the Univer-
sity community. If cars did not have a decal or tag they were stopped, and drivers
were asked their name and destination. Wake Forest police could then issue them a
short-term visitor pass, which expired within twenty-four hours or a designated time
frame, or turn them away.
For the first and last time, a ceremony on December 8 in Brendle Recital Hall recog-
nized fall semester graduates. The ceremony included remarks by Provost Brown and
special music by senior Margaret Elizabeth Stroupe and University accompanist Ann
Listokin. Dean Paul Escott invited the graduates to attend the May 19 commence-
ment as well.
Associate Dean of the College Claudia Thomas (English) led a committee in the
first complete review of the undergraduate curriculum since the 1970s. The process
was spurred by the implementation of first-year seminars in the Plan for the Class
of 2000. Additional members included Stewart Carter (Music), Rhoda Channing
New gatehouses at the entrances of
the University made the campus safer
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