Chapter One: 1983–1984 9
and British troops on April 6–7. Six regiments participated in the program, which
included military, drill, and craft demonstrations. According to the April 12 issue of
the Old Gold and Black, it brought the “18th century to life.”
Most other academic news in the college involved promotions and personnel
changes. Rick Heatley was hired as Director of the Office of Educational Planning
and Placement, while its former Director and Assistant Dean of the College Toby
Hale was promoted to Associate Dean. History Professor Howell Smith became the
pre-law advisor, and Patricia Johansson became the foreign study advisor. Among
notable faculty achievements and milestones, retired President James Ralph Scales
became the University’s first Worrell Professor of Anglo-American Studies, and
Robert M. Helm (’39), member of the philosophy department since 1940, was
appointed the second Worrell Professor of Philosophy. Biology Professor Ronald
V. Dimock became President-Elect of the North Carolina Academy of Science.
Administration and Staff
Few changes were made to senior administration upon Hearn’s arrival. Hearn was
aware that former President Scales had assembled a competent team, and he was not
anxious to cause disruptions. In fact, as Hearn recalled some years later, his first call
was to Provost Ed Wilson, asking him to stay. Hearn knew Wilson had a compre-
hensive, long-term knowledge of the institution and realized what a valuable ally and
confidant Wilson could be. Wilson graciously agreed to stay on.
Next, Hearn sought someone to fill the new position of Vice President of Plan-
ning and Administration. On October 6, he wrote to John Anderson, a civil engineer
by training and Dean and Director of UAB Special Studies and Continuing Educa-
tion, to inform him that UAB President S. Richardson Hill had nominated him for
the Wake Forest position. Hearn encouraged him to apply by the October 21 dead-
line. On November 18, Anderson accepted the offer extended eight days earlier to
start January 1, 1984.
At the beginning of 1984, the president’s inner
circle was composed of:
Provost Edwin G. Wilson;
John G. Willard, Vice President and
Richard Janeway, Vice President for Health
Affairs and Dean of the Bowman Gray
School of Medicine;
Bill Joyner, Vice President for Devel-
opment, who was promoted to Vice
President for University Relations in March;
Vice President for Administration and
Planning John P. Anderson;
University Counsel Leon Corbett, who was
appointed University Secretary on June 1,
while remaining Secretary of the Board of
John Anderson
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