Chapter Fifteen: 1997–1998 257
honors. The women’s team placed second overall, defeat-
ing the University of North Carolina team for the second
time in two weeks. Nolan Swanson became the fourth
men’s cross country All-American in Wake Forest history
on November 24.
The Arts
The Theatre Department staged You Can’t Take It With
You by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart, Shakespeare’s
Much Ado About Nothing, John Guare’s Six Degrees of Sep-
aration, and Molière’s Tartuffe. Harold Pinter’s The Care-
taker was performed in the Ring Theatre in January, and
its three-member cast featured Jim Dodding. Dodding also
produced and directed A Promenade Passion Play, enacting
episodes in Christ’s life, outdoors at various campus loca-
tions on April 5–7.
The Secrest Artists Series started the year with Da
Camera of Houston performing Marcel Proust’s Paris, which combined readings from
In Search of Lost Time with songs by Reynaldo Hahn and chamber music by Faure
and Franck. It was followed by the Netherland Chamber Choir, the Nexus Percussion
Ensemble, the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra with Richard Good, the Aulos Ensemble
with Julianne Baird performing early music on original instruments, and sitar vir-
tuoso Ravi Shankar.
A new woodwind quintet, Opus 5, composed of Kathryn Levy, flute; Steven L.
Jones, oboe; Linda Julian, clarinet; Jonathan Julian, bassoon; and Robert Campbell,
French horn, played in Brendle Recital Hall
in September. Peter Kairoff, piano, joined
the group for one number. Mark Kroll,
one of the world’s leading harpsichordists,
performed on March 29 in Brendle Recital
The Student Union brought comedian
Adam Sandler, of Saturday Night Live, and
the singing duo Indigo Girls to perform in
Wait Chapel on October 13 and 20, respec-
tively, earning high praise in an Old Gold
and Black editorial of October 16.
Campus and Student Life
The first-year class of 1997–1998 num-
bered 975, the largest in Wake Forest
history. Demographically, 12 percent
was minority, 9 percent black, and the
number of men and women was almost
Nolan Swanson
Mark Kroll, one of the world’s leading
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