Chapter Sixteen: 1998–1999 269
Wake Forest is to secure ourselves firmly within the most successful group of
private universities. We must measure ourselves—financially, academically, and
otherwise—against that standard. . . . Situating ourselves firmly in the upper
tier of private institutions is necessary to preserving Wake Forest’s fundamental
values. . . . Let me reiterate that we can only serve our historic constituency to
the extent that we are successful in achieving the status of a national institution
which ‘speaks with a Southern accent.’”
Hearn estimated the entering class size for fall 1999 at 950, which was just the size the
University wanted.
The Wake Forest Information Network (WIN) went online in July, provid-
ing a secure portal to an array of new intranet services tailored to students, faculty,
staff, and alumni. Services included a campus and alumni directory, class schedules, ­
advisees’ grades, class rosters, and class “look book.” Online registration and admis-
sions would be added as the year went by, according to Anne Yandell, Director of
Business Application Development, who had shepherded the WIN project since its
inception in 1997. The last registration involving long lines in the Green Room took
place in early January 1999. Beginning April 5, students could register for courses
online through WIN’s Student Services web page. At the same time, Netscape
replaced LotusNotes for email.
Jay Dominick, Assistant Vice President for Information Systems on the Reyn-
olda Campus, and Paul LoRusso, Vice President and Associate Dean for Informa-
tion Services on the Bowman Gray Campus, headed efforts to secure the University
against the Y2K bug; many programmers used 9999 as a code for end of function, and
some feared that on January 1, 2000, unless they were reprogrammed to recognize
the new century, computers would crash.
Jay Dominick was in charge of making sure the Y2K bug did not affect
Reynolda Campus computers. He is at left in this photo, showing
parents and students a Wake Forest laptop.
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