Chapter Sixteen: 1998–1999 271
Dale Martin and Ralph Tower were each selected for a chaired professorship
honoring Wayne Calloway, the late PepsiCo executive and namesake of the Calloway
School of Business and Accountancy, while Gordon McCray was named the Bell-
South Mobility Technology Faculty Fellow. Stanley W. Mandel was named director
of the new Center for Entrepreneurship and Family Business in the Babcock Gradu-
ate School of Management.
John E.R. Friedenberg (Theatre) became the new director of the theater
upon the retirement of Harold Tedford, who had held the position for thirty-
two years.
Funded by a state grant, Chemistry Professor Robert Swofford trained Forsyth
County middle and high school science and math teachers to use technology more
effectively in their classrooms during the year. Steve Messier (Heath and Sports
Science) received national attention for his research on arthritis and aging. In Psy-
chology, Robert Beck became the University Ombudsman, and adjunct Professor
C. Drew Edwards published How to Handle a Hard-to-Handle Kid, which explained
why some children appear especially challenging and suggested specific strategies for
parents to address and to correct problem behaviors.
Education Professor John Litcher was presented with the Donald O. Schoon-
maker Faculty Award for Community Service. Charles M. Allen, Professor Emeritus
of Biology, received the Jon Reinhardt Award for Distinguished Teaching.
On January 18, Maya Angelou read Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birming-
ham Jail” in Wait Chapel. Written in 1963 after King was arrested during a demon-
stration, the letter became a classic of the civil rights movement. Later in the year,
to commemorate her seventieth birthday, Winston-Salem State University threw a
birthday party for Angelou.
Administration and Staff
The administration also witnessed change, transitions, and achievements. Mar-
garet Perry, who had served the University for fifty-one years, stepped down as
Registrar and assumed a new position as Registrar Archivist in the middle of the
summer. Lu Leake became interim registrar on August 1, 1998, while a national
search started. Dorothy A. “Dot” Sugden (MA ’85) was named Registrar in May
1999. She had a master’s degree in mathematics and years of experience in data
analysis at Wake Forest. Nancy Respess was named Assistant Registrar and Direc-
tor of Registration. Policy also changed: from the first of January, transcripts
were available to students for free.
ICCEL celebrated its first anniversary in January 1999. It was already serving
K–12 schools and corporations as well as institutions of higher education. In fall
1998, it donated more than seven hundred used Wake Forest laptops to the Winston-
Salem/Forsyth County school system. James “Jay” L. Dominick was promoted to its
Associate Dean while maintaining his responsibilities as Assistant Vice President for
Information Systems and Chief Information Officer.
Three information systems staff members were promoted. Tommy Jackson (’88),
who had been Networking Director for a year, became Director of Networking and
Telecommunications. Ron Rimmer was named Director of Business Computing, and
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