282 The History of Wake Forest
school’s mission, it became the first university-based divinity school in the
United States to start without a formal denominational affiliation. The curricu-
lum developed around its mission. Traditional seminary subjects, such as bibli-
cal, theological, and historical studies, were combined with an art-of-ministry
program that required a senior project/thesis or third-year internship. Another
distinctive feature was a required off-campus experiential learning course that
took students to Appalachia and New York City, as well as Egypt, Cuba, Israel,
Nicaragua, and Romania.
Jill Crenshaw was hired as Director of Ministry Studies. James Dunn was Res-
ident Professor of Christian Ethics and Public Policy. Crenshaw and Dunn, along
with Bill Leonard and Phyllis Trible, established the curriculum and refined it before
the first classes were offered. Adjunct professors taught all other courses. The school
Participants in the Divinity School inauguration gather on the quad after the ceremony
Bill Leonard became the first dean of the Wake Forest
Divinity School
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