Chapter Seventeen: 1999–2000 287
David Coates (Political Science), who taught and wrote comparative studies
about United States and European systems of economics, politics, and social order,
was named the Worrell Professor of Anglo-American Studies beginning July 1,
In the Music department, Dan Locklair, composer-in-residence, was awarded
a North Carolina Arts Council Artist Fellowship. On February 1, Teresa Radomski
and Louis Goldstein directed a program by contemporary composers John Cage and
George Crumb entitled “Rainsticks and Ancient Voices.”
Donald H. Wolfe, Professor and Chair of Theatre, was presented the Marian
A. Smith Distinguished Career Award by the North Carolina Theatre Conference at
its annual meeting. Mary Wayne-Thomas’s twenty-year career with the department
as a designer and creator of costumes was the subject of a September exhibit at the
Scales Fine Arts Gallery. It traced the design process from artist renderings and fabric
swatches to the final costume.
The Divinity School named Brad R. Braxton, a Baltimore Baptist minister, as the
Jessie Ball duPont Assistant Professor of Homiletics and Biblical Studies.
Jeanne Simonelli, an applied cultural anthropologist, was appointed the new
chair of the Department of Anthropology. The department had thirty-five majors,
three full-time professors, one half-time professor and museum director, one full-
time temporary faculty member, and adjuncts.
Mary Wayne-Thomas’s theatre costume designs were the
subject of an exhibit in the Scales Fine Arts Gallery in
September 1999
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