290 The History of Wake Forest
Director. Kimberlea Daggy was promoted to Music
Y2K turned out to be YAWN2K. The rollover to
2000 was a nonevent at Wake Forest, as Assistant Vice
President and Chief Information Officer Jay Dominick
reported. Planning to work from 10 p.m. New Year’s
Eve until 10 a.m. New Year’s Day, he went home at 3
a.m. having tested “everything I knew how to test.”
He also called off plans to have the staff report at 10
a.m. on New Year’s Day to fix faulty programs. Before
January 1, the University had set up two phone lines
to address the Y2K problem, but neither was needed.
The medical center also took precautions and had
hundreds of extra nurses on duty for the rollover. “A
nurse was stationed at the bed of every patient requir-
ing electrical or mechanical equipment. In addition,
132 extra doctors were on hand as a precaution, not
so much for the patients already at the medical cen-
ter, but for those who might show up,” explained Paul
LoRusso, Vice President and Associate Dean of Infor-
mation Services at the medical center.
The year brought changes among administrative
staff. Leon Corbett announced his retirement effec-
tive July 1, 2000, although he continued to serve as
Senior Counsel, Secretary to the Board of Trustees,
and Corporate Secretary. Reid Morgan became Gen-
eral Counsel and manager of the Legal Department
and continued as Assistant Secretary to the Board of
President Hearn outlined his retirement plan to Hubert B. Humphrey, a Trustee
from Greensboro, in an April 3 letter. He said he would retire at age seventy and ­give
the Board of Trustees a full year’s notice to ensure an orderly search for his replace-
ment. He had taken on another responsibility as Chair of the Center for Creative
Leadership’s Board of Governors.
The Office of Career Services promoted Carolyn Couch to associate director.
In the same office, Patrick Sullivan became Assistant Director for Technology and
Experiential Education, and Allison Corkey was named Assistant Director for Career
Rebecca (Becky) Glen Hartzog was named the new Associate Chaplain and Bap-
tist campus minister. Donald “Buz” Moser, former commander of the Military Science
department, became the new Director of University Stores, including the bookstore
and its textbook section, the Deacon Shop, the Information Systems bookstore, the
Bridger Field House shop, merchandise sales at basketball and football games, and
vending and catalog sales.
Pia Wood, Director of the Undergraduate International Studies Program at
Old Dominion University, replaced Richard Sears (Political Science) as Director of
Leon Corbett; Reid Morgan
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