14 The History of Wake Forest
The Artists Series, directed
by David Levy (Music), presented
violinist Shlomo Mintz, soprano
Roberta Peters, pianist Aldo Cic-
colini, the Concert Royal, the New
Baroque Dance Company, the
Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio,
and the Canadian Brass.
Campus and Student Life
According to Carolyn Dow, President
Hearn’s administrative assistant, who
came with him from UAB, one of
Hearn’s first actions was to take both
the student government president
and the Old Gold and Black editor to
lunch. Hearn worked with student
leaders and secured their opinions
on everything. He depended on them
for candid feedback and wanted them
to become more involved in the life of
the institution. Many of the student
leaders that year were women: Joanne
O’Brien, President of the Student Government Association; Stephanie Houser, President
of the College Union; Laura Walker, Editor of the Old Gold and Black; and Carolyn Smith,
Editor-in-Chief of The Howler.
Students were concerned about the University’s restrictive visitation policy. It
changed on March 19, when open visitation was extended to weeknights and weekend
hours in both men’s and women’s residence halls.
Student party hours were extended in February.
The new administration also sought to ease the
stress of final exams in the spring semester. In a May
7 memo to John Anderson, Hearn instructed him
“to make extra [study] places available during the
exam period” and to have food services make a spe-
cial effort “to stay open extra hours during exams.”
Other matters were not as easy to address.
For instance, in a February 13 memorandum to
the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees
concerning alcohol consumption, Hearn advised
planning a drug and alcohol education program as
well as adopting honest, reasonable, and enforce-
able safety practices. The Board’s Student Life
Committee and faculty were charged with these
responsibilities. Meanwhile, Hearn had to answer
Shakespeare’s As You Like It was performed in
the Scales Fine Arts Center
Student Government President
Joanne O’Brien
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